Design with purpose

Red Plum partners with social sector organizations that want to take a user-centric approach to digital. We are a web design and hosting company helping justice-minded organizations use design and technology to grow, create change, and represent our community. Our clients include Britt Hawthorne, Tiffany Jewell, Integrating Montessori, and Kelly Wickham.

our commitment

Uplift, empower

Red Plum WP Builder is a human-centered website design company. We apply digital technologies to impact societal change for people and communities. We:

Our motto

“Be part of change one design at a time.”

our approach

Transferring ideas

We are advisors and consultants offering more than 10 years experience in web design, digital marketing, and human-centered design to our clients, network, and industry.


We are committed to equity, inclusion, and excellence in how we serve. As advisors,  we work with our clients to create a learning culture of mentorship and community-first creation.

new beginnings

How it all started

Andrea Malone, our founder and lead designer, started working as a marketing and web design specialist for small- and medium-sized businesses in 2008. Now, she leads our creative to empower organizations in the social and public sectors to scale and impact our communities for good through human-centered web design.