Brilliant minds.

Brilliant minds.

How to begin designing for diversity

Design, diversity, positive self-identity, and inclusion are near and dear to us. Which makes us all the more excited to highlight a phenomenal guide by Project Inkblot. The guide is titled: How to begin designing for diversity

Discussed in this guide
  • Building a shared language
  • Why use frameworks to design for diversity?
  • Core questions to consider
  • Common pitfalls of designing for diversity
"As women of color and consultants, we’ve worked on everything from designing programs for entrepreneurs to marketing campaigns for the HIV/LBGTQ/homeless community. Throughout our past work, we consistently noticed that the people these campaigns aimed to reach (namely POC, women, and other misrepresented communities) were rarely part of the design or creative process—which was a big problem."

A guide to get you started in building equitable products, services, and content, written by Boyuan Gao and Jahan Mantin of Project Inkblot.

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