E-Commerce Strategies


Your Product Page Is An Employee

Important Notes

Shorten the copy and layout to only what is necessary and helpful. Make the ask with cross-sells and upsells. Incorporate video. Pull in social proof that your product or service is great.

Help Customer’s Love It And Buy It In A Flash

Important Notes

Incorporate an easy to find and easy to use wishlist feature on your header and product previews.

Optimize the checkout process by adding ‘Quick View‘ and ‘Add To Cart‘ features on product previews. Then test, test, test your customer experience.

Make sure their ‘Cart‘ is easy to locate.

Let Social Media Work For You For A Change

Important Notes

Automatically send website updates like new products or new posts to Hootsuite. Ask your audience members to post about you using a relatable yet, unique hashtag. (Use this hashtag as part of your product page tactics.)

Go Get Your $$$

Important Notes

Automate emails when someone abandons their cart. Have unique discount codes created for your customers. Jilt is a plugin that integrates with Red Plum Digital that can help you with these two tactics. You would need a Jilt account. Jilt hooks up to your ecommerce site, it supports WooCommerce.

Sweeten The Pot

Important Notes

Here is how to add unique discount codes to your abandoned cart emails through Jilt.

Give Your Promtoions and Discounts Front Stage

Important Notes

Add a ‘Top Bar’ with your contact info, promotions or discounts.

Give ‘Convenience’ Shoppers What They Want

Important Notes

Remove shipping charges! And, remove tax, too.