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Installing Templates

One thing that’s great about our set up is you can change your template with out having to start over. You can install a new template at any time and as many times as you’d like. Be careful though, once you install a template, you can only take it back through a restore from a backup. This is because more than one template can be used at a time. This is useful if you want to combine template looks and features.

Will you lose any content if you change templates?

Most of your site elements will not be affected by changing templates. That is, beyond the new styling that they might get, nothing will change with:

  • Your posts and pages. Nothing will happen to your posts and pages when you switch templates.
  • Any core settings. For example, if you’re using a static homepage, that will stay the same even after you install a new template.
  • Any plugins that you’re using. All plugins we provide should continue to function normally. Any third-party plugins you install may or may not be compatible.
  • Basic site information. Your site name and description will stay the same.
  • Shortcodes. If you’re using shortcodes, those shortcodes will stay in tact.
  • Widgets. Your widgets will not change.
  • Images and media. Nothing bad will happen to your images and media.

But there are some theme-specific pieces of content that won’t necessarily make the journey when you change themes. These are things like:

  • Your menus: The configuration of some of your menus may change, but you won’t loose functionality. Simply reconfigure your menus to represent the pages and links you’d prefer.

The vast majority of your content will come through unscathed when you switch templates.

How to change a template

Simply submit a ticket letting us know which template you’d like installed. We’ll do the rest. Requests are handled in the order they are received. Your patience is most appreciated.

Once your new template is installed, remember you will see your previous pages and your new template’s pages. Simply design your new pages to reflect your style. Keep or delete pages as you see fit.

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