Prepping For A Popup Photoshoot

You may have mastered the selfie, but what’s that headshot looking like?

Bring your best angles to Red Plum Digital’s Pop Up Photo Shoot, the first of a 6-week series of “Saturday Sessions” hosted in collaboration with Venture X Uptown.

Red Plum Digital is committed to helping you build a visually-appealing brand through the use of a strong and user-friendly website, but this Saturday, they’ve enlisted the expertise of some premiere, local photographers to raise the bar on your headshot game.

Alonzo Chappelle Media, Bri Crow Photography and Lyeah Soland will act as sponsoring photographers and will be offering “mini-sessions” with those in attendance. You’ll have access to Venture X’s brand new 23,000-square foot premiere co-working space complete with a lovely lounge, executive offices, conference rooms and event space to use as a backdrop in your shots.

Other local sponsors will be on-site, including Clyde’s Cold Brew, Sitter Needed, and Sylvan Learning Center, among others.

This event is free to the public to provide professionals with creative stock photo content for use in marketing, website and/or print materials. You’ll have an opportunity to work with each photographer to get shots in various scenarios relevant to your business. Your photos will be sent to the personal email address that you provide upon check-in by July 1.

Bri Crow took a minute to give us some preparation points so you can add a stellar headshot to your resume.

In preparation:

  • Headshots should be an accurate representation of yourself and your brand.
  • Don’t focus on a particular look or outfit; rather, wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident.
  • Avoid shiny fabrics and tight patterns; save the herringbone and gingham prints for another day.
  • Finally, if you plan on wearing a blazer, navy blue and dark grey tend to look better than black in headshots.

Day of:

Props tend to make you look more relaxed in photos, so bring your laptop or your favorite coffee mug, something that contributes to your everyday business. These will help you to be more natural, and according to Bri, “some of the best photos come from natural movement.” You’ll be provided lots of options in photos.

Say you’re trying to market yourself to secure more public speaking opportunities.

  • Have some shots taken of you giving a mock speech or presentation to a small group.
  • Or grab a friend and role-play a one-on-one meeting in a private office.

The photographers will work with you to find the perfect lighting, angles and scenarios.

As Bri puts it, “the photographer is the producer of the experience.”

Venture X Uptown and Red Plum Digital are excited to offer these Saturday Session Events to the Uptown Community – FREE with limited childcare available starting this weekend, June 15 – July 27, 2019.


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