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Google Analytics 4 vs Google Analytics Universal:

Eight Major Differences

“Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 don’t collect exactly the same data.” – Google


Predictive Audiences: A major distinction between GA4 and UA is the inclusion of predictive audiences in GA4, which is not available in UA.

A predictive audience is defined as having at least one condition based on a predictive metric. Predictive metrics are generated by analytics through modeling the data collected, provided that the required minimum amounts of necessary data are collected. This model predicts which users will behave in a particular way, evaluating data to determine which users are likely to make purchases, which users are likely to stop using the site/app, and how much revenue users are likely to generate.

When deciding on which audience to spend your marketing budget, predictive audiences can be useful. Should you target individuals who have already made a purchase or those who are more likely to do so within the next 7 days?

When Analytics generates predictive metrics for your property, you have the option to utilize them when building your own audiences. For instance, you can include users from San Francisco who are highly likely to make a purchase within the next 7 days.

Learn more about predictive metrics and predictive audiences.


Event-Centric Tracking: With Google Analytics 4 (GA4), events become the main focus of an event-driven model. Unlike Universal Analytics, GA4 enables tracking and analysis of user interactions and events throughout the user journey. This provides more detailed insights for better analysis.


Enhanced Cross-Platform and Cross-Device Tracking: GA4 provides enhanced tracking capabilities that allow you to gain a deeper understanding of user behavior across various platforms and devices. With the ability to measure website and mobile app engagement, as well as offline interactions, GA4 offers a comprehensive view of user engagement. This level of insight allows for more accurate analyses and better-informed decision-making.


Streamlined User Interface: Compared to Universal Analytics, GA4 boasts a more intuitive and streamlined user interface. With an updated design, users have easier access to essential reports and insights, making the navigation and analysis process simpler than ever before.


Simplified Event Tracking Setup: One significant advantage of GA4 over Universal Analytics is its simplified event tracking set up. With GA4, businesses can easily track and measure specific user interactions without the need for extensive custom code implementation, thanks to its streamlined event tagging structure. This feature offers an efficient and effective alternative for businesses seeking a straightforward approach to event tracking.


Deeper Integration with Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform: GA4 offers advanced integration with Google Ads and Google Marketing Platform, resulting in improved attribution and campaign tracking across platforms. The integration delivers a more cohesive overview of the customer journey, which leads to better optimization of marketing efforts. With GA4, businesses can expect higher accuracy when it comes to tracking performance and customer engagement, ultimately leading to increased success in their digital marketing endeavors.


Privacy-Centric Approach: GA4 is designed to align with the latest data privacy regulations, taking a privacy-centric approach. It offers advanced consent management and data retention controls to help businesses comply with GDPR and CCPA requirements. This emphasis on privacy and compliance enables companies to operate confidently while maintaining customer trust.


Focus on Lifetime User Journey: Unlike Universal Analytics, GA4 takes a more holistic approach to user analysis. Rather than focusing solely on individual sessions, it provides insights into users’ lifetime journeys and behavior patterns. This approach allows for a more complete understanding of user engagement and the long-term value they bring to your business. By using GA4, you can better identify the key factors that drive user engagement over multiple sessions and make data-driven decisions regarding your marketing strategy.

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